“Tickets please !”— A new feature added to Citymapper

The Citymapper app

Citymapper app interface — ArchDaily
  • What problem ? Creating a pain free feature within the Citymapper app which allows to solve purchase frustrations of users.
  • Who ? Individuals who often travel with public transport and also have a phone with internet access. Preferably, they will have also had user experiences the use of mobility apps and have already traveled abroad.
  • Competition ? All apps/services that have a similar function to Citymapper, which is facilitating urban mobility. Just to name a few : Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Rome2Rio and local public (RATP, SBB,CTS etc) or private (Uber, Kapten, Lyft etc.) transport company apps and many more.
  • Tone and feeling of the app ? Fluid, easy and intuitive to use is the goal.


  • Do you use public transport to get around ? How often ?
  • Have you ever used public transport when you were abroad ? If so, what was your experience ?
  • What do you like/dislike when using public transport ?
  • When you are in a new city you don’t really know well, how do you get from point A to point B ?
  • Did you have to purchase a ticket to access to these services ?
  • Would you mind sharing your purchasing experience ? What did you like/dislike ?
  • What do you expect from your purchasing experience ?




  1. Navigation Page : Once the user has selected his start and final destination and has chosen his travel preferences (by train, bus, bike, all types of transports) he arrives on the navigation page. The app will show him his route with the different correspondences and types of transportation means he will be taking during his journey. For each type of transportation method a button will appear indicating “Tickets” that the user can click if he wishes to purchase one.
    → On the navigation page, the user has a quick access to his profile which he can create and complete with his different details if he wishes too. This will help the user to gain time during the process of ticket purchase as the app will automatically fill in the different fields if a profile is created. Under his profile he will also be able to have access to all his past purchases.

What I’ve learnt throught the process




Junior UX/UI Designer who enjoys great food

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Kia Bürckert

Kia Bürckert

Junior UX/UI Designer who enjoys great food

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